What is left if we discard all our experiences and knowledge gained during the course of life? Having identified the superficial we look in the mirror. We accept the things we like and deny the things we don't. Distortion appears somewhere in between.
The series "Another" – is a search for being whole again. "Borders" – is the key work of the series. Established boundaries of familiar forms are disappearing under the influence of time. Only have accepted the distortion we could see the whole picture. Exploring the Uncontrolled we meet "Another".
Each painting is inspired by an artist that influenced me at some point. Studying my favorite works of art I looked for qualities that make them unique. Having built the whole picture I saw "Another" – in this context each of us who creates something new becomes a part of someone else's Whole picture.
*In Russian the word Another has the same root as the word Friend

The project catalogue

  • Year : 2016
  • Medium : Acrylic on canvas